An organic based plant food which combines proven organic nutrients with fast acting Fertilizers for healthy growth, improved disease resistance and larger, more beautiful blooms.

The blend is easy to apply, and then breaks down slowly providing continuous nutrient release for months while conditioning the soil.

Combination of organic and fast acting nutrients including Potassium

Promotes beautiful blooms on roses and flowering plants

Enriches & conditions the soil for better health and disease resistance Roses & Ornamentals.

For best results, apply 30g – 60g (for larger plants) per plant or 100g per square metre every 8 weeks during the growing and flowering seasons.

Garden Beds Prior to planting, mix 100g per square metre into the soil. For best results, reapply 100g every 6 weeks during the growing & flowering seasons.

Potted Plants
For best results, apply 10g for a 15cm diameter pot or 20g for a 30cm pot every 8 weeks during the growing and flowering seasons.

New Plantings
For roses, shrubs or ornamentals apply 60 to 120g (for large plants) depending on the size of the plant. Place in planting hole and mix in.

Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions31 × 6 × 18 cm


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