An organic based plant food which combines proven organic nutrients with fast acting Fertilizers to produce green healthy foliage and large juicy fruit in a wide variety of fruit and citrus plants.

The blend is easy to apply, and then breaks down slowly providing continuous nutrient release for months while conditioning the soil.

Combination of organic and fast acting nutrients including Potassium

Recommended for use on a wide variety of citrus and fruits.

Encourages prolific flowering & abundant fruit-set on trees

Apply evenly around the plants root zone, avoiding placement too close to the trunk.

Mix into the top soil and water in well.

Do not apply when maximum temperature is above 30?C.

Ensure soil is not dry and plants are not suffering from moisture stress.

Do not put on foliage.

One cup holds about 100g of product. One adult handful is approximately 70g.

Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions31 × 6 × 18 cm


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