Soil conditioner that helps break up clay and adds Calcium.

Breaks up heavy clay soills – makes soil more workable.

Improves soil structure and drainage.

Ideal for preparation when planting and renovating lawns and garden beds.

Will last in soil for years.

Genuine natural, premium grade, mineral gypsum

When Should I Apply
Brunnings Gypsum Clay Breaker should be applied when planting or renovating lawns and garden beds as it helps to break up heavy clay soils, improves structure and drainage, adds calcium and aids aeration to top soil.

How Much Do I Use
Dig the soil to a depth of 10-15cm, making sure to break up any large clods.

Apply Brunnings Gypsum at the rate of 1kg per square metre, and rake or dig into soil.

If soil consists of very heavy clay you may need to apply 2kg per square metre.

If the soil is dry, be sure to water in well after application.

Weight10 kg
Dimensions40 × 7 × 33 cm


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