Ideal for adjusting PH in soil

Corrects soil acidity, especially in high rainfall areas where limes may be leached from the soil

Helps aerate heavy soils and contains magnesium and calcium to assist in plant growth.

Aids as a composting agent. Add lime to compost piles to help break down organic matter.

Ideal for use when growing sweet peas, peas, chrysanthemums, roses, cacti, corn and paw paw.

Apply Garden Lime once per year.

For heavily manured garden beds
When using on vegetables, apply at a rate of 150g per square metre and water in.

For flower beds
Apply at 75g per square metre and water in.

For lawns
Apply an amount of lime in Winter equal the total amount of lawn food applied during the year.

Weight3 kg
Dimensions24 × 6 × 16 cm


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