Organic liquid fish & seaweed fertiliser mixture.

With added seaweed plant food tonic to stimulate excellent root growth.

Can be used safely on lawns, all indoor and outdoor plants including vegetables, trees, Australian natives, flowers & shrubs.

Improves plant flowering and fruit growth.

Helps plants establish quickly.

The only liquid blood n bone on the Australian market.

Nitrogen (N) 3.8%
Phosphorus as Water Soluble(P) 0.6%
as Phosphoric acid(P) 0.5%
Total Phosphorus (P) 1.1%
Potassium(K) as fish residue 0.3%
as Potassium Chloride(K) 0.8%
Total Potassium(K) 1.1%
Weight1.1 kg
Dimensions17 × 16 × 13 cm


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