Organic fertiliser that is suitable for all types of plants, including Australian natives.

Releases nutrients slowly and will not burn plants.

Recommended for preparing garden beds and planting shrubs, trees and roses.

Blood & Bone is suitable for use throughout the year, and can be applied every 6 weeks to achieve best results.

Preparing Garden Beds:

When preparing garden beds apply about 100g per square metre. Rake into the top 5cm of topsoil and water in well.

Established Plants and Shrubs:

For established plants and shrubs apply about 100g per square metre, and lightly rake into the top soil. When planting in rows, sprinkle the Blood & Bone into 5cm trenches placing 5cm on each side of the row.

For General Use:

For all other general uses, apply at a rate of 100g per square metre also. Always water in well immediately after applying.

Avoid leaving blood and bone in piles as it may attract dogs and rodents

Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions28 × 5 × 14 cm


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